My name is Malek Binns, baker, decorator, artist, author, 

or jack of all trades plus 20 for short.

I love to create so many things, it’s my passion! My first love was (before Beyonce and Oprah) baking. I have been baking for over 9 years. I am the founder and operator of FROSTED by Malek Binns and brother company, Sprinkled by Malek. I love the feeling of being in that creative mood and bringing joy to my clients when I make the cake/cookies of their wildest dreams! 

Baking is and has always been a part of my life! It is built in my DNA. I am just an average 24 year old who always dreamt of doing what I love. A concept everyone strives for, but a select few live out in their daily lives. I graduated with an Associate’s in Pastry and Baking from Le Cordon Bleu, School of Culinary Arts, in 2017. 

Although my passion was always with me, my journey wasn’t always. It was a constant battle dealing with hostile corporate jobs, and working on my business on the side. It was a battle, a battle I was sick of fighting but one I was afraid to wave the white flag at, in fear of failure. After months of debate, I conjured up the courage to make a phone call that would forever change my life. I haven’t looked back since, and FROSTED was born, and the rest is HISTORY… For more information about my journey, click here

At the start of my voyage, I started posting on Instagram (@frostedbymalekbinns) and I gained 1,000 followers in four months, and now currently hosts and entertains over 21K+ followers! I love to show off my silly personality and teaching different ways that I decorate my treats. A few fun facts about myself, I am a Texas native, my favorite colors are red and maroon, and I LOVE GUMMY BEARS. HAHA

Please take a lovely look around and let me know what you think of the newly remodeled page! I can’t wait to make your day! 

Stay Sweet!

Malek Binns 

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