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Product Pricing Strategy with Malek

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Are you struggling with pricing your products? Do you feel or know you're undercharging? Do you want to build more profit in your business?

Work with Malek on developing the right numbers for your business, including:

  • strategizing your recipe cost, equipments, fees, and more
  • figuring out pay rate for yourself
  • understanding your worth 
  • discussing goals in the future 

We will join by 1 on 1 call in the beginning and the end to discuss introduction and long and short term goals. 

* Once you purchase, you will receive an email with a form that you will fill out in order to start the process. 

For a special time, I am accepting THREE PEOPLE to work with on ONE recipe/product. Limited Time Only. 

All Sales is Final. No refunds. 3 Recipes Bundle is coming soon. 

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